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Welcome to the Vanity Planet Brand Ambassador Program!

Brand Ambassadors share your Vanity Planet content in this forum. Product reviews, new looks showing off your beautiful face with the product you used, un-boxing videos, creative takes, how did our products benefit you? How do you use our products? We want to see it all!

Here are two ways you can participate in earning 8.4% commission on every sale that comes from the great content you share.

1. Qualify to receive early access to new products and free samples.

Brand Ambassador Free Sample Qualification Requirements:

• Must have over 5k followers/subscribers, with active engagement

• Profiles must be public

• Once accepted into the program, BA’s must post a minimum of 3 times using their affiliate link to be qualified to receive next sample. Your 3 posts can be the same content across 3 different social channels.

If or when you qualify, please submit links to your social media channels to and they can get you set up with a sample.

Not quite there yet?

2. You can still participate!

Save 20% off your favorite beauty items from our website & use your affiliate link when you upload a photo or video with your product above. Here is a code to get 20% off: 20OFF

Want a little more? You can still get free VP goodies if you are a monthly challenge winner! Take part in our monthly challenge and earn credits towards your next VP products and for a chance to win a gift card worth up to $250!

Follow 3 Simple Steps

  • 1. Upload photo or video above.

  • 2. Add products to your submission.

  • 3. Share Share into Social with affiliate tracking link.

Let's get this started!

Your participation in the Vanity Planet Brand Ambassador program is subject to your continual compliance with the policies, terms and conditions attached below. Please be sure to follow the FTC guidelines below, when posting any commissionable links.

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