Your brand’s best influencers are your existing customers and employees who authentically your brand.

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Inspire and incentivize word-of-mouth content

Your customers and employees are the best and most authentic influencers you have no matter how many followers they have. They love your brand, so help them drive your brand awareness and become your virtual sales force! Indi's user-generated content solutions make it easy to incentivize and empower your customers, employees and influencers to engage with you directly by sharing their content and promoting you as a brand they love. Word-of-mouth advertising remains the richest path to authenticity, new customers, and ROI.

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Brand Ambassador Programs

Turn customers, employees and influencers into authentic influencers to drive sales and new customers.

Use Indi's performance-based brand ambassador programs to build a virtual sales force. Our solution builds personalized tracking links for your customers, employees and influencers to share into their social media with their video and photo content to drive revenue and new customers. All video and photo content is pre-approved by the brand and the brand is provided a license to re-use all user generated content.

Indi's Brand Ambassador program utilizing brand's customers will convert at a 5X higher rate than a brands average social media conversion.

Video Reviews

Increase your sales conversion by asking your customers for video and photo product reviews.

Join industry leaders Amazon and Nordstrom in implementing video reviews on product pages. Indi-powered customer reviews combine text with rich video and photos to provide the best purchase decision experience for users.

Increase conversion by up to 80% by adding rich customer user generated video content on your product pages.

Engagement Challenges

Incentivize your customers through Indi challenges.

Indi's engagement contests incentivize your existing and prospective customers, Brand Ambassadors and Influencers to create great video and photo content and share it to win. They submit content directly to you and then share into their social media to leverage their reach. You own all the content, data and email addresses with remarketing rights, while they drive your brand awareness to win a prize.


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Easy Integration

The Brand Ambassador, Video Reviews and Challenges modules all seamlessly embed into your website or apps. Indi also provides a comprehensive Content Management tool for you to easily curate and merchandise video and photo content and collect and analyze data.

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