INVITE your customers and employees

to authentically share your brand and influence new customer sales

With over 2,500 merchants and 80 million products on indi, their loyal super fans can advocate the "things they love" and monetize their following with their influence.


Indi partners with retailers and organizations that want to offer their customers and brand-lovers the opportunity to become brand ambassadors. Indi's user-generated content solutions make it easy to invite and incentivize your customers, employees and influencers to engage with you directly by sharing their content and promoting you as a brand they love. Word-of-mouth advertising remains the richest path to authenticity, new customers, and ROI.

Consult with one of our marketing executives today to see how we support hundreds of thousands of creators driving millions of dollars in tracked revenue and schedule a demo to see indi in action for your brand.

Retailers and Organizations will invite their customers, influencers, collaborators, employees, students, athletes, and more to become ambassadors by signing into our app with a designated code. This page is customized to your program name, your creative, logo, and copy.


Retailers and Organizations have the option to pick and choose which brands their ambassadors can shop and share. With over 80 million+ products on our platform, users can promote and share pre-approved brands, or, just promote your products!


Brand ambassadors can record, upload, edit, use fun filters and add music to their content right in the app and share instantly with their unique tracking link on over 20 integrated social platforms. You get a content license with every submission so go ahead and post ambassador content on your social media streams or website!

videos on-demand

Organizations can encourage their ambassadors to create and sell original, unique, and informative content at their own price per view. Ambassadors can connect with their audience - from fans and friends to students - to share an expertise or interest.

Organizations can empower their ambassadors to send shout-outs or give advice to fans, friends, followers, and students. Ambassadors can create informative, original responses to connect with their audience in a meaningful way.